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It’s Friday. Give me a break. Here’s a video of some kid getting rattled playing backyard football. I feed this shit to you about once a week, and so far you’ve enjoyed it. Enjoy some more. The douchebag factor is so high for the kid that set the “block.” The jackass recording starts laughing when that kid gets leveled, and I don’t know if I’d do that. It’s like a bunch of Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans fans got together and played dickish backyard football. They probably high-fived each other last season when Keith Rivers got his jaw broken by Hines Ward. Either way, the kid’s probably fine now, but it’s not a real block if you blindside the fuck out of the kid and make him bleed. Oh, did I mention that? There’s blood at the end. No broken limbs or anything, just a bit of blood. You can handle it. Enjoy and party on, party people. Look for a preview with my NFL picks for this week and stuff tomorrow.


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