It’s that time of the off-season again! To get over the woes of no football, I embark on a two-post journey to find the player with the best name on each of the 32 teams in the NFL. Today we start with the AFC, and sooner or later the NFC post will come up.

To refresh your memory, these are the criteria used in deciding what the best name on a team is:
-Number of words
-If it makes you sound like a badass or not

Not all names are starters on their team, but they are part of the 53-ish person roster. To see the winning names from last year, here’s the AFC and the NFC edition.
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Consider this one I definitely didn’t see coming, and I’m not being sarcastic. Titans quarterback Vince Young is being considering the most likely guy involved in some kind of altercation at a Dallas strip club.
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In baseball, there are three kinds of basic pitchers: starters, middle relief, and closers. At least, that’s what I think. I’m a football guy talking about baseball, so forgive me if you think I’m wrong. Each kind of pitcher has certain duties they are expected to do.

I got to thinking, why not apply that same theory to the quarterback position in the NFL?
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I don’t know how public I’ve made it, but I despise the Steelers. I’m not even really sure how it started. I think it’s a combination of being a closet Browns fan and also always losing to the Steelers on Madden video games when I was younger. I still can’t explain how Kordell Stewart could tear apart my secondary, regardless of what team I used.

While reading up about this whole Ben Roethlisberger alleged rape-tastic fiasco, I found this column from the Beaver County (heh) Times, written by some guy named Mark Madden. I’m not a very big fan of tearing apart other writers’ work, and I don’t do it often, but the fact that he was demanding fans to apologize to Big Ben made me filled with rage. Enjoy.. or not.
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Because Samer and I think these are awesome, and completely worth watching, here is 30 minutes of the 1957 NFL Championship Game between the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns from Briggs Stadium in Detroit, in stunning color TV!

We just wanted to bring you these videos to remind Lions and Browns fans of back in the time when they weren’t scrounging for better draft position, but instead fighting at the top in a battle of dominance. Don’t get too misty-eyed. Also, we didn’t really have any content planned for today and we’re not talking about the playoffs because you can find that anywhere.

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There couldn’t be a more adorable story of a child in severe danger. I love the footage of the deer later in the video. This is going to be an awesome story once those kids are in college. They’ll get so many girls.

Seriously though, the Cleveland Browns are looking for the deer’s agent now, because they need someone to play some kind of defense. Thank you! I’ll be here all night!

I have to admit, when I first watched this, I thought the juke was supposed to be at the 0:11 mark, which would have resulted in a really stupid video. The juking (is that a word?) gold happens at 0:16. It wasn’t anything too fancy, but the end result is epic. The guy who gets burnt looks like he’s going to cry at the end of the video. I wish Keyboard Cat was still funny so that this could be edited with it. Truly great stuff.