So, some crap in the NFL has gone down since the last time I wrote. I could either recycle some opinions/jokes about these topics (especially that JaMarcus Russell thing, since that fat guy’s basically SSF’s bread-and-butter (mmm, bread and butter)), or just find something else to write about. Hey, no one’s really writing a bunch on Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos right now!

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post feels bad for Kyle Orton in this whole Tebow-drafting situation, in an article titled “Orton should run away from the circus.” Wait a minute… Orton sounds like Horton, who’s an elephant… and Dumbo is also an elephant and he was in the circus! I think I completely over-analyzed Kiszla’s clever headline, but let’s delve in.
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If everything goes splendid for the Rams, and no pick is wasted, they can pull away from this upcoming NFL Draft with a solid base of a team.

I’m not a fan of preseason predictions, but if you tell me St. Louis can go 4-12 next year in this situation, I’d probably agree. Heck, I’d agree up to 6-10.

But 8-8? 8-8? I’m sorry, but no.

Alvin Reid, who seems like a personable guy from his picture, from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, took a look at the 2010 schedule for the Rams, and believes that it would be possible to go .500 for a team that won one game last season.

Let’s take a look at where he went wrong. And before you bring up the Falcons after Matt Ryan or the Jets after Mark Sanchez, kindly refer to my tags to find out what I think about that.
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I don’t know how public I’ve made it, but I despise the Steelers. I’m not even really sure how it started. I think it’s a combination of being a closet Browns fan and also always losing to the Steelers on Madden video games when I was younger. I still can’t explain how Kordell Stewart could tear apart my secondary, regardless of what team I used.

While reading up about this whole Ben Roethlisberger alleged rape-tastic fiasco, I found this column from the Beaver County (heh) Times, written by some guy named Mark Madden. I’m not a very big fan of tearing apart other writers’ work, and I don’t do it often, but the fact that he was demanding fans to apologize to Big Ben made me filled with rage. Enjoy.. or not.
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The New Orleans Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings Sunday on an overtime field goal by Saints kicker Garrett Hartley booting a field goal, but the crazy news is that he knew he was going to do it all along.
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Because Samer and I think these are awesome, and completely worth watching, here is 30 minutes of the 1957 NFL Championship Game between the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns from Briggs Stadium in Detroit, in stunning color TV!

We just wanted to bring you these videos to remind Lions and Browns fans of back in the time when they weren’t scrounging for better draft position, but instead fighting at the top in a battle of dominance. Don’t get too misty-eyed. Also, we didn’t really have any content planned for today and we’re not talking about the playoffs because you can find that anywhere.

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I haven’t put up a backyard football video for a while, as Rovitz and I have both been pumping out a lot of content lately probably due to having breaks from college, but Rovitz showed me this video that I couldn’t wait to post until we had minimal content. I’d pinpoint the part you should watch for the great hit, but the buildup isn’t that bad to sit through.

You have to feel bad for that kid. Poor bastard didn’t see it coming at all. On a scale of dirty hits from one to ten, that’s a “Hines Ward.” Speaking of, fuck Hines Ward. I’m glad you and the Steelers aren’t in the playoffs.

Inside his skull is actually a walkie-talkie which is connected to one held by Peyton Manning. Apparently, it broke this week.

With a 5-point lead against the New York Jets, coaching genius Jim Caldwell pulled Peyton Manning in favor of Curtis Painter. This was incredibly confusing to everyone else who was watching the game, Indianapolis fan or not.
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