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Before I start this, if you hate Brett Favre or Katy Perry, two things reviled by a majority of people right now, I understand. Please, save yourself and don’t read this, because you will either hate me, yourself, or both. As another note, this will hopefully be the last post that I write regarding Favre this season. Thankfully. If you’ve made it this far, enter into the insanity that occurs when I have too much free time late at night. Do not click further if you plan to take this way too seriously.


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I’m just going to leave this here and pass it off as content for the day. It came to me after my roommate mentioned that Zygi Wilf looked like Wario.

I think I’m the second person on the Internet to make this connection. The first came from the comment section of Windy City Gridiron, where this picture (which is better since it uses Photoshop) was created:

I like mine better, mainly because I made it and I didn’t even add a nose since his real mustache worked so well. Stay true to the original, brah.

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