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It was probably assumed by most of you who kept visiting occasionally for the past two months to see no updates, but I’ll just make it official: Second-String Fullback tore his metaphorical ACL and it is a career-ending injury. The average career is 3.5 years -or six if you’re Roger Goodell, apparently- but poor, scrappy SSF barely made it through two. I would have announced the end earlier, but I didn’t want to take away from the closing of Free Darko or Punte’s departure. This is on a higher level of importance than those events, obviously.

The reason? Even though I haven’t been posting in two months, I’ve definitely attempted to try and come back with a couple posts. There certainly has been a lot happening in the NFL lately, so a lack of ideas wasn’t the problem. It just didn’t feel like fun anymore. It was work. I’m not looking to do work for free, dammit. Unpaid internships are for saps.

The whole work aspect’s another part of why I decided to end SSF. I’m graduating college now, and I need to look for actual big boy jobs. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up writing about football for realsies. Think of this doubling as a final post AND job listing. They probably won’t let me post backyard football videos though. 😦

I’m still on Twitter, though, so make sure to follow me. Yeah, I’m shilling to get more followers. So what?

I’d like to thank: anyone who has read SSF, anyone who has linked to it, anyone who has sent me an email and anyone who has written for this site. That’s a good blanket statement for gratitude. Let’s leave the way we entered: with fun (boom, see what I did there? Also, it wouldn’t be a good final post without parentheses. I love you all).


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While reading some articles on Danny Woodhead (who is slowly but surely becoming a good replacement over Randy Moss as a player I’ll never hate), I saw a commercial for The Fighter, the new Mark Wahlberg movie that’s out and decided to read some reviews on it in order to see if it was worth seeing (which it does). My mind sort of drifted for a couple minutes, and when I focused again, I couldn’t tell whether or not I was reading about the “little fucker” or Mahhky’s new fahkin’ movie.

So now, I decided to turn it into a game. Which is it: Woodhead or The Fighter?

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In baseball, there are three kinds of basic pitchers: starters, middle relief, and closers. At least, that’s what I think. I’m a football guy talking about baseball, so forgive me if you think I’m wrong. Each kind of pitcher has certain duties they are expected to do.

I got to thinking, why not apply that same theory to the quarterback position in the NFL?

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